After the closure of the EUROBENCH FSTP-1 Open Call in October 2018, the EUROBENCH team has been working to select and fund the best proposals to be integrated in a common environment that enables testing and benchmarking bipedal robotics technologies.

From more than 50 proposals applying for funding to contribute to this development, 17 were selected to ensure EUROBENCH expected impact. Many of them have already started, and they will be running for the next 20 months in other to achieve the stablished objectives.

76% of the projects will work to create software routines, datasets and Test beds, being 54% of them applicable to wearable robotics, 15% to humanoids and the remaining to both technologies. The remaining 24% of projects will focus on developing a benchmarking device composed of sensors and/or actuators, and related Software, to be applied indistinctly to different benchmarking scenarios, being a quarter of them limited to wearable robotics and the remaining open to both wearables and humanoids.

The following projects have already started

But this is not all, in June 2020, the second FSTP Open Call will open to proposals focused on testing real bipedal robotics prototypes, either exoskeletons, prostheses or humanoids, using the EUROBENCH Framework!


See the graphycs of EUROBENCH FSTP-1