Starting date: April the 10th 2019
Duration: 20 months

Project category

OPTION 1: develop a benchmarking solution for one specific benchmarking scenario including one or more outcomes: testbed, software routines and/or experimental datasets.


Wearable robots


Software & Dataset



  • Fondazione Santa Lucia (Italy)


  • Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma (Italy)
Users’ Subjective Perspective (USP) is poorly considered during the design phase of exoskeletons and current scientific literature also demonstrates minimal consensus on the metrics to be used to comprehensively and systematically assess USP during exoskeleton-assisted gait. The objective of the EXPERIENCE project is to provide developers of lower-limb exoskeletons and clinical experimenters with a benchmarking method capable of catching the subjective perspective of end-users, which goes far beyond both traditional quantitative biomechanical metrics and qualitative clinical scales inasmuch it centrally includes the personal opinion of the user, who is considered to be the main actor and the most crucial source of information for the evaluation of human-robot interaction performance. The project will devise:

  1. a benchmarking software for the user-centered assessment of exoskeleton-assisted gait including a purposively developed multi-factor questionnaire evaluating user’s subjective perspective and routines to extract psychophysiological indicators based on physiological data;
  2. a database including questionnaire results and psychophysiological indicators collected during pilot experiments with stroke, spinal cord injury and healthy subjects interacting with treadmill-based and overground exoskeletons.