Third Parties will have the opportunity to collaborate in creating and validating the EUROBENCH Facilities and Software, by means of two Open Calls, namely ‘Financial Support for Third Parties’ (FSTP) actions.

You can see the description of the calls below, and if you are potentially interested in participating, please fill now the Declaration of Interest .


Declaration of Interest

    Are you interested in participating in the upcoming Open Calls? Please fill this Declaration of Interest , and send it back to us. We will give a feedback on your idea and help you to shape your proposal.


First Open Call (FSTP-1): “Developing the Framework”


EUROBENCH aims to provide researchers and companies with practical tools to benchmark the performance of robotics technologies, such as exoskeleton, prostheses and humanoids. Our dream is to have two facilities equipped with state-of-the-art assessment technology, as well as one benchmarking software that allow design, perform and tests in any laboratory settings.


We will offer equity-free contributions to third parties interested in contributing to the creation of this framework.
The maximum contribution per participant is 100k€, and 300k€ per proposal.


Call Opening date: 15 July 2018
Call Deadline: 31 October 2018
Sub-Projects Starting date: 01 March 2019.
Sub-Projects Ending date: 30 June 2020.


FSTP-2 Open Call: “Validating the Framework”



Estimated Call Opening date: 01 June 2020 

Estimated Call Deadline: 31 August 2020.

Sub-Projects Starting date: 01 January 2021
Sub-Projects Ending date: 31 October 2021

Call Description – preliminary version

(the definitive version will be published on 01 June 2020):

On January 2021, the EUROBENCH facilities and software will be made available, at zero costs, to Third Parties interested in using them to test the performance of their bipedal robotic devices / control algorithms. The EUROBENCH Consortium will use the feedback from Third Parties in order to validate the usability (effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction) of the EUROBENCH Framework.
A total amount of 1.968.000 € will be allocated to this action, to cover all costs (travel, accommodation and use) experienced by Third Parties. There will be two funding modalities:

    • Lump sum of 60 k€ to Third Parties interested in performing tests in the facility. Third Parties can either: 1) test their own robot prototype or 2) implement their control algorithm into standard bipedal platforms available in the EUROBENCH facility (e.g. the Reem-C humanoid, or those resulting from the FSTP-1, category f). The grant will cover expenses for two weeks of tests (called ‘PRE’ and ‘POST’) separated by a period of at least 3 months, in which the Third party is requested to improve its robotic system before going back to the facility for the second round of trials (‘POST’ test session).
    • Lump sum of 10 k€ to Third Parties interested in validating the Benchmarking Software in their own laboratory settings. The software will support the researcher to design and run a number of tests on their robotic platforms and return a set of performance scores.

In both modalities, tests can be performed in total respect of confidentiality and industrial secret requirements of each participant, when required. At the same time, Third Parties are encouraged to make available the data from real experiments to allow enriching the EUROBENCH Database.