The Summer Webinar Series organised by EUROBENCH and COST ACTION WEARABLE ROBOTS (CA16116) has finished being a success in terms of attendance and quality. Experts from different organizations have given lectures and then attended to the participants in a subsequent question-and-answer session.

Wearable Robots are already integrated into everyday life, but there are still some issues to be solved thanks to the implementation of new breakthroughs in the industry and medical systems. Eurobench has boosted a space to share opinions and advances in this respect.

The four events have been attended by professionals interested in robotics from all Europe, to whom the speakers had the opportunity to show their studies and knowledge in different areas. The speakers came from reputable institutions in the field of robotics: Tecnalia, the University of Leiden, ABLE Human Motion, TNO, the Technological Centre of Automation of Galicia, Laevo Exoskeletons, Yildiz Technical University (YTU), the University of New Brunswick, Auxivo AG, the Sint Maartenskliniek Research, the University of Brescia, and Wandercraft.

The Summer Webinar Series has been recorded and uploaded to the EUROBENCH’s website:

Jun –Educational Wearable Robots

July –Occupational exoskeletons

August –Medical systems

September –Standardisation and benchmarking

During the webinars, discussions related to medical systems in the framework of bipedal locomotion, the real implementation of exoskeletons, the education related to the wearable robots, hardware issues, and other points were generated.

All in all, the series has served to increase interest and knowledge in the field of robotics and, in particular, wearable robots, and will hopefully benefit applications in industry and medicine in the short term.

Boosting awareness of wearable robots throughout Europe with our Summer Webinar Series