The group of more than 40 students started the experience in Eurobench facilities as keypoint in the European robotic exoskeletons benchmarking

COST Action nº16116 has organised a Training School this year with students from different institutions of Europe in the newborn facilities of Eurobench in Hospital los Madroños, Madrid. The place was the meeting point of the school formed by different didactic and playful activities that will follow during the rest of the week in Extremadura.

The purpose of the school is generating a strong networking and sharing knowledge between young european investigators in the field of wearable robotics. The facilities of Eurobench are almost finished and COST chose them due to they are the first European Center for Testing, Training, Education and Standarization in robotic exoeskeletons.

The students enjoyed the visit by the hand of Eurobench workers who explained them the functioning and engineering of the TestBeds located in the first floor of the building. Many of them showed their interest on working in this kind of projects once they finish studying. For now, their occupation this week will be the COST Summer School that will put them to the test with mini-projects and group games.

COST Summer School´21 visited Eurobench facilities