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The status of the deliverables is shown in the following table:


StatusModify status
1.1Project Management Handbook1CSICRPU3Delivered
1.2Report on advisory management procedures1CSICRPU3Delivered
1.3Risk Management Plan1CSICRPU3Delivered
2.1Report on state of the art and stakeholders survey2IUVORCO3Delivered
2.2Report on key system abilities in wearable robotics and humanoids2IUVORCO6Delivered
2.3Specifications document for methodological and experimental framework2IUVORCO9Delivered
3.1Experimental protocols for humanoids3UHEIRCO9Delivered
3.2Completion of manufacturing of Reem-C. Report describing the humanoid robot platforms that will be available to the users of the open call3PALDPU12Revision
3.3Publication of dataset of human test trials for human-likeness reference3RRDRCO36-
3.4Intermediate report on iterative pilot testing on test benches and algorithms (HR)3UHEIRCO24Revision
3.5Detailed description of humanoid robots benchmarking protocols, algorithms, test benches and scoring scale3UHEIRCO36-
4.1Experimental protocols for wearable robots4CSICRCO9Delivered
4.2Publication of dataset of human test trials and design criteria for patient-specificity4RRDRCO36-
4.3Intermediate report on iterative pilot testing on test benches and algorithms (WR)4CSICRCO24Revision
4.4Detailed description of wearable robots benchmarking protocols, algorithms, test benches4TECNRCO36-
5.1Description of the Facilities: Building, spaces and commercial systems available5CSICRPU24Drafting
5.2Integrated safety system against falling-over of bipedal robots (hardware and software components)5IITDCO30-
5.3Operative facilities (all test benches from success WP3, WP4, WP7 and the safety system integrated)5IITDPU36-
5.4White and Green papers including 'stories' and 'lessons learned' from the testing trials5IITRPU48-
6.1Software requirements6TECNRCO12Delivered
6.2First release of the Software, for internal use6TECNOCO24Delivered
6.3Second release of the Software, ready to be used by FSTP-2 Third Parties6TECNOCO36-
6.4Final Release of the software, including data storage system, final Front-end structure, and implemented processing tools6TECNOCO46-
6.5Tools for analysing the history of benchmark requests6ALTOCO46-
6.6Compilation of system evaluation with endusers6TECNRCO48-
7.1Procedure manual as described in T7.17INNRCO4Delivered
7.10FSTP actions Final performance Report7INNRCO48-
7.11Grant Agreements of funded proposals - FSTP-2 Action7INNRCO36-
7.2FSTP Committee Structure7INNRPU5Delivered
7.3Submission Website - FSTP-1 Action7INNDECPU6Delivered
7.4Funded and not-funded projects list - FSTP-1 Action7INNRCO12Delivered
7.5Grant Agreements of funded proposals - FSTP-1 Action7INNRCO13Delivered
7.6Technical final report of each awarded project - FSTP-1 Action7INNRCO27-
7.7Submission Website - FSTP-2 Action7INNOPU29-
7.8Funded and not-funded projects lists - FSTP-2 Action7INNRCO35-
7.9Technical final report of each awarded project verified - FSTP-2 Action7INNRCO48-
8.1Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results8CSICRCO3Delivered
8.2EUROBENCH website8INNDECPU1Delivered
8.3Communication Plan8INNRPU3Delivered
8.4Communication Materials (other than the website)8INNDECPU6Delivered
8.5Dissemination final report8OSSRPU48-
8.6Dissemination final event8CSICDECPU48-
9.1H - Requirement No. 19CSICETHICSCO6Delivered
9.2POPD - Requirement No. 29CSICETHICSCO6Delivered


R: Document, report (excluding the periodic and final reports)
DEM: Demonstrator, pilot, prototype, plan designs
DEC: Websites, patents filing, press & media actions, videos, etc.
OTHER: Software, technical diagram, etc.