Starting date: April the 20th 2019
Duration: 20 months

Project category

OPTION 1: develop a benchmarking solution for one specific benchmarking scenario including one or more outcomes: testbed, software routines and/or experimental datasets.


Wearable robots & Humanoids


Test Bed, Sofware & Dataset



  • Technische Universität Berlin (Germany)

Partner 2:

  • Universitätsklinikum Freiburg (Germany)
The aim of this sub-project is the design and development of a complete test bench for human and humanoid posture control and balance under perturbed conditions. We aim to OPTION 1: Developing a benchmarking solution for one specific benchmarking scenario, specifically to Walking/Standing on Moving Surfaces. The system includes a moving support surface used to provide the perturbation, an innovative body tracking system suitable for robots, humans and exoskeletons, control software and a set of predefined perturbations, a humanoid robot used to test algorithms, and analysis software providing state of the art data description as well as quantitative measures of performance. In order to provide versatility in experimental design, the design of the system is oriented to modularity: all the components can be replaced or extended on the basis of experimental needs, adding new perturbations profiles, evaluation principles, alternative tracking systems and it will be possible to use it with several kinds of robots and exoskeletons.