Starting date: April the 10th 2019
Duration: 20 months

Project category

OPTION 2: propose a benchmarking device, composed of sensors and/or actuators, that can be applied indistinctly to different benchmarking scenarios.


Wearable robots & Humanoids





  • A.L.B.A. srl (Italy)
The main goal of the project is to develop and realize a flexible and adjustable general purpose testbed system for humanoid and human locomotion benchmarking device. The present proposal targets therefore to address/serve one of the primary goals of EUROBENCH that is to develop a benchmarking framework for locomotion of robotic systems.
The envisioned device is based on customized treadmill system that will be designed and build according to the specifications requirements of the EUROBENCH project scenarios allowing the execution of experimental locomotion and balancing trials as well the execution of long time endurance tests under variable speed and inclination settings. The proposed flexible testbed system will be mad appropriately to suit the needs of both facilities dedicated to robots and wearable lower limp devices performance evaluation.