Starting date: April the 30th 2019
Duration: 20 months

Project category

OPTION 1: develop a benchmarking solution for one specific benchmarking scenario including one or more outcomes: testbed, software routines and/or experimental datasets.




Testbed, Sofware & Dataset



  • Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Partner 2:

  • Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)

Partner 3:

  • Nova Labs s.r.l. (Italy)

Partner 4:

  • IST-ID (Portugal)
The Modular Active Door for RObot Benchmarking (MADROB) is a ​benchmarking testbed with data acquisition and mechanical action capabilities. Its key element is an ​active door which, while maintaining all the features of a standard manually-operated hinged door, enables quantitative characterisation of the capability of a robot to interact with it by precisely measuring the forces applied by the robot and the movement of the door. The active door can also apply controlled torque to the door panel to manipulate its physical characteristics as perceived by the robot (e.g., moment of inertia, friction) or to introduce controlled disturbances in its motion (simulating obstructions, effect of wind, push by another user). An ​automatic door (sliding or folding, button-activated, not sensorised) completes the MADROB package, enabling additional benchmarks.
The MADROB testbed is modular: all of its elements are configurable either by physically exchanging them (door type and material, handle) or by configuring the actuation system (e.g., to simulate spring action). This modularity extends to the MADROB ​benchmark management software​, which is well documented, ROS-based and designed to be easily integrated into an external benchmarking infrastructure. The MADROB software includes tools to define (via scripting, i.e., without need to modify the software) and run benchmarks based on the MADROB testbed, to apply user-defined performance metrics, and to automatically generate reports. Additionally, the MADROB package comprises ​two complete benchmarks​ based on the testbed and a ​Gazebo testbed simulator​.
The MADROB consortium comprises three very experienced partners in robot benchmarking, which are also among the organisers of the ​European Robotics League1 . ​Initiatives to promote standardisation and cross-pollination between the ERL and EUROBENCH based on the MADROB testbed and benchmarks have been proposed: as a result, ​a benchmark based on a MADROB-compatible setup has been included into the ERL Smart CIties RObotic Challenge2 (SciRoc) taking place in September 16-22 2019​. The SciRoc Challenge Will provide a valuable occasion to ​validate the products of MADROB and ​collect datasets.