Eurobench co-organized a workshop at the COST action on wearable robotics (CA16116). The goal of the workshop was to have a discussion about safety issues in wearable robots within a group of experts and to stimulate collaborations between projects funded under the Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission.

COST is a network program funded by the European Union that aims to bring together experts from Europe (and some from outside Europe) around a specific topic (in this case, wearable robots). During these meeting, experts discussed on different themes related to wearable robots. These themes were discussed in different working groups.

The session began with a presentation heded by Erik Prinsen, from Roessingh Research and Development, as part of the working group 3 (application domains) and working group 4 (ethical, legal and societal aspects). The goal of this joint session was to have an interactive discussion on the needs and gaps to maximize the relevant of the European initiatives in this field. Within this session there were three presentations:

After these presentations some discussions where held and many of the attendants had the opportunity to hear about EUROBENCH project and it FSTP open calls for the first time.

EUROBENCH at COST Action on Wearable Robotics