On March, the EUROBENCH project leaders José Luis Pons and Diego Torricelli, from the CSIC Instituto Cajal, attended the European Robotics Forum; an event that has become the most influential meeting of the robotics community on Europe. This year’s edition took place in the city of Tampere, Finland, where attended over 1,000 European robotics experts.
Taking Advantage of this occasion, EUROBENCH held the workshop “A unified scientific framework for robotics benchmarking: not a dream”; an opportunity to discuss with the different stakeholders working on the development and commercialization of bipedal robotics along Europe. The EUROBENCH Consortium has been analysing these inputs, together with the responses to our recent online survey (still active) to identify the priorities of bipedal robotics community.

EUROBENCH attended the ERF 2018 with a workshop

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