There is budget left from the first cut-off date of our FSTP-2 Open Call for oncoming proposals to get funding to test and validate exoskeletons, prosthesis or humanoids at the first benchmarking framework for bipedal robotics in Europe.

On the 15th of September the first cut off day for evaluation of the EUROBENCH FSTP-2 Open Call took place. Until that date we had received 24 proposals, a 74% of which are applying for the OPTION 1 of participation, and a 26% por OPTION 2. What means that most of the participants of the EUROBENCH FSTP-2 Open Call are willing to visit our facilities to test and validate their robotics technologies, and also, this means that there is already space for those interested in using the EUROBENCH unified Software to process retrospective data on robots (Wearable or Humanoid) and/or humans.

Most of the proposals submitted are in consortia by two, three or even four partners; but remember you can submitt also a proposal by yourself. The requested funding by this proposals is around the 1 million euros, what leaves still budget free for new proposals; considering that the budget for the EUROBENCH FSTP-2 Open Call is € 1,968,000 there is still room for a few proposals

Don’t waste this opportunity and summit your proposal before next September the 30th to be evaluated in the following cut off date. Get informed about the FSTP-2 Open Call and summit your proposal here.

EUROBENCH FSTP-2 Open Call First Cut-off date