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EUROBENCH Workshop at European Robotics Forum 2021

April 14 @ 9:00 am - 10:20 am


EUROBENCH will attend the European Robotics Forum 2021, which, like many conferences, this year, goes digital. This time, EUROBENCH will organise a workshop to ignite a preliminary discussion on the most sensitive topics in the field of performance evaluation.

The Workshop: What does the robotics community expect and need from Benchmarking? The EUROBENCH project

The workshop will be structured in 3 parts.

In the first part, there will be an introduction to the main motivation behind the EUROBENCH project, with a number of provocative questions and ideas to trigger a critical mindset. The second part will give the word to the developers of the framework, to provide an overview of the benchmarking ecosystem. And the third and final part will propose a discussion to know from the audience its opinion on the framework and to welcome any wish list that may be useful to shape the framework before the end of the project.

Who should attend this event?

If you are a researcher, developer or end-user of robotic systems, as well as representatives from standardisation and regulatory domains, come to participate in this discussion.


Workshop – What does the robotics community expect and need from Benchmarking? The EUROBENCH project

PART 1: Motivation and introduction (Diego Torricelli, EUROBENCH Coordinator)

  • Quantifying the System Abilities or robotic systems: how feasible is it?
  • The EUROBENCH tools: two testing facilities, one benchmarking software. Is that everything you need?
  • The EUROBENCH community: more than 60 Consortia to develop and validate the first benchmarking ecosystem for robots.
  • From benchmarking to standards: the (high)way to innovation.

PART 2: Pitch talks from sub-projects funded by FSTP-1 Open Call (3-min each)

  • STEPbySTEP, Systematic Test of Exoskeleton Products by a Stairs-based Testbed Evaluation Protocol
  • MADROB, Modular Active Door for RObot Benchmarking
  • BENCH, a Biomechanical testing platform for sit to stand assessment with an instrumented Chair
  • COMTEST, Complete Modular Test Stand for Human and Humanoid Posture Control and Balance
  • BEAST, Benchmark-Enabling Active Shopping Trolley
  • FORECAST, FORcE Control AlgorithmS Testbench
  • BeStable, Benchmarking System for Assessment of Balance Performance
  • EXPERIENCE, Benchmarking Exoskeleton-Assisted Gait Based on Users’ Subjective Perspective and Experience
  • UDBenchmark, Benchmarking gait stability of wearable robotic assistive devices and humanoid robots on slopes and lateral inclines
  • BenchBalance, A device to apply well-defined perturbations for benchmarking balance capabilities of wearable robots (BenchBalance)
  • B.E.A.T. – Balance Evaluation Automated Testbed
  • DYSTURBANCE – Dynamic and static pusher to benchmark balance
  • BULLET – Benchmarking Upper Limbs Loads on Exoskeleton Testbeds
  • TestED – Benchmark for Benchmarking Industrial Exoskeleton Technology: Testbed and Software routine development for scenario “Moving in Narrow Space”

PART 3: What do YOU expect/need from benchmarking? a 30-min discussion.

EUROBENCH Workshop at European Robotics Forum 2021


April 14
9:00 am - 10:20 am
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