Pre-registration will be a quick process (about 10 min) in which you will have to answer a limited number of questions (most of them based on multiple-choice questionnaires).

Here you will find a summary of all the questions and possible answers you will find in the pre-registration form once it will be published. This will allow you to prepare in advance for the online process. The form will be hierarchical, meaning that the questions displayed will depend on previous responses, therefore you may not be asked some of the questions here provided.

  1. Name and type of your entity (University; Research Institute; SME; Big enterprise; Non-profit organization; Project Consortium; Other) and whether you will participate alone or in consortium (in this case, no further information on other partners will be required).
  1. What you want to test / validate:
    • A system. Depending on the type of system, certain questions will be asked:
      • Walking robot: type (full humanoid; bipedal machine; quadrupedal robot; hexapod; other)
      • Exoskeleton/exosuit: which part of the body, whether it will be active (powered) or not, whether the structure will be rigid or soft and if there is any restriction in user’s morphology (e.g. max height, pelvis width, leg length of the subject).
      • Prosthesis: which part of the body and whether it will be active (powered) or not.
    • In addition, for all systems, the technical specifications will be asked: unilateral or bilateral; actuated joints and if they are active, passive, semi-active/quasi passive or locked; maximum height and width of the system (cm); total weight (kg); whether the system has been described in any publication (references); brand name, if applicable (either commercial or research) and TRL level.
    • Human subjects (e.g. clinical, sport, etc.): healthy subjects or pathology-affected (specify).
    • If you don’t own a physical system, you can use the standard robot platforms available at the facility: the humanoid robot Reem-C from PAL Robotics and/or the exoskeleton H3 from Technaid S.L.
  1. Type of participation in FSTP-2:
    • Option 1 (In situ experiments). The grant (max € 60 k) will cover personnel costs, travel & accommodation to realize up to 2 weeks of testing in one of the two EUROBENCH facility (Facility for Wearable Robots in Spain, and Facility for Humanoids in Italy).
    • Option 2 (Remote experiments). The grant (max € 30 k) will cover personnel costs and consumables needed to execute a testing experiments in your own laboratory, using the EUROBENCH Software to assess the performance of your system.
    • Option 3 (Retrospective data analysis). The grant (max € 15 k) will cover personnel costs to use the EUROBENCH software to process data previously collected (e.g. data included in pre-existing databases).

  1. Which scenarios you would like your system to be tested in: walking on flat terrain, slopes, stairs, treadmill…; overcoming obstacles, standing during pushes, opening doors….

  1. What domains of application your system is addressing: industrial (manufacturing, construction, logistic), healthcare (rehabilitation, assistance), consumer (personal care, entertainment), emergency or other.

  1. What aspects of performance you would like EUROBENCH to measure: speed, symmetry, energy efficiency, stability, human likeness, robustness, ergonomics…

  1. What kinds of services you expect from EUROBENCH: to receive a certified “quality seal” on performance, safety, usability…; to compare your system to others or human performance; to have technical support / guidance in the execution of tests; to have an automatic calculation of performance; to have a cloud space to store data from your experiments; to upload a new algorithm/metric you developed; to receive personalized suggestions; to train yourself, your students or employees; to perform a clinical trial; to train for competitions; to organize events and/or to showcase your technology to potential users.

Finally, if you want, you can describe in more details the testing experiment(s) you would like to perform and to ask further questions. So, it would be convenient to prepare a brief text in advance.

For any questions on the pre-registration procedure, please contact: