This 24th of August, the third summer webinar on Wearable Robots organised by the European programs COST Action Wearable Robots (CA16116) and Eurobench took place. The experts Dr. Noël Keijsers, Matteo Lancini PhD and Jean-Louis Constanza discussed during the meeting about medical systems in the frame of bipedal locomotion benchmarking.

This event is part of the four webinars programmed for this summer. In June it was time for “Educational wearable robots” followed by  the topic “Occupational exoskeletons” in July. During this last one on “Medical Systems”, each speaker talked about different topics such as wearable exoskeletons for people with a spinal cord injury, how to combine measuring systems and the introduction of a product to the market. 

The webinars were recorded and are available online.

The result of this webinars was a succeed and it’s expected to happen the same with the upcoming webinar on Standardisation and benchmarking on the 27th of September. The speakers for this date are Anna Mas, PhD, is the Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at ABLE Human Motion; Gerdienke Pranke, PhD, coordinator of the research line Active Therapeutic Devices; and Dr. Fosch-Villaronga and Carlos J.Calleja from the eLaw Center for Law and Digital Technologies at Leiden University (NL) where they investigate legal and regulatory aspects of robot and AI technologies. In this session, the experts

As usual, the meeting will finish with a round table where the assistants can ask their questions or comment and share their opinions. To sign up to this last webinar of the Summer Webinar Series on “Standardisation &Benchmarking” click here.

Remember, it will take place on September 27, 10:00-11:30 (CET). We are looking forward to welcoming you!






Last summer webinar already scheduled for September