EUROBENCH Project results

The EUROBENCH team has created the first benchmarking framework for robotic systems in Europe. The framework allows companies and researchers to test the performance of their robots at any stage of development. Throughout these almost five years of the project , the EUROBENCH team has developed two benchmarking facilities and…

Last summer webinar already scheduled for September

This 24th of August, the third summer webinar on Wearable Robots organised by the European programs COST Action Wearable Robots (CA16116) and Eurobench took place. The experts Dr. Noël Keijsers, Matteo Lancini PhD and Jean-Louis Constanza discussed during the meeting about medical systems in the frame of bipedal locomotion benchmarking….

EUROBENCH 4th Plenary Meeting

Last week the EUROBENCH Project Annual Meeting took place. This time the meeting went digital but as usual, the partners went over and discussed the work carried out within the project so far. This annual meeting was an opportunity to discuss the progress of the FSTP-1 sub-projects, the development and…

42 Projects accepted in the FSTP-2

Following the FSTP-2 Call closing, on 30 November, Eurobench has been carefully studying the 53 proposals submitted by entities from 13 different European countries. In the end, a total of 42 projects have been selected to move on to the Grant Agreement Preparation phase. This phase involves formalising the terms…

Closure of our FSTP-2 Open Call

On November 30th at 5 p.m., our FSTP-2 Open Call closed after 3 months and 6 cut off dates. We have received 53 proposals from individual or consortium applicants. The EUROBENCH FSTP-2 Open Call was created with the aim of validating the facilities and the unified software that EUROBENCH is creating…


Why to participate in the FSTP-2 EUROBENCH open call?: “We are very happy for the great support and participation of the EUROBENCH team in making sure the outcome of each individual FSTP will integrate smoothly in the final EUROBENCH testing facilities”


Why to participate in the FSTP-2 EUROBENCH open call?: “EUROBENCH is a great opportunity to access a unique facility, to test one’s hypotheses, and to join the EUROBENCH team in a still relatively early stage. This initiative will gain great momentum over time, and our Consortium is proud to have been given a chance to give our contribution to initiative”


Why to participate in the FSTP-2 EUROBENCH open call? “The great facility, the available software, and the support from the EUROBENCH team will be a great chance for you to increase the knowledge on your device, having feedbacks from its validation to improve/finalize it!”

Workshop on the Pre Registration process of the FSTP-2

On May 26th we celebrated a workshop to inform and explain the Pre-registration process to benefit of a number of exclusive conditions for our FSTP-2 Open Call. In this workshop Diego Torriceli, the EUROBENCH project cordinator, presented all the steps that are making possible the development of the first benchmarking…

EUROBENCH annual meeting

Last December the Annual Meeting of the EUROBENCH Project took place at the University of Heidelberg, were all the partners met during two days to make demonstrations about the work carried out within the project, to analyze the progress of the sub projects that are developing the test beds and…