EUROBENCH begins to be a reality

After the closure of the EUROBENCH FSTP-1 Open Call in October 2018, the EUROBENCH team has been working to select and fund the best proposals to be integrated in a common environment that enables testing and benchmarking bipedal robotics technologies.

From more than 50 proposals applying for funding to contribute to this development, 17 were selected to ensure EUROBENCH expected impact. Many of them have already started, and they will be running for the next 20 months in other to achieve the stablished objectives.

76% of the projects to be developed under the EUROBENCH Project FSTP-1 Open Call will work to create software routines, datasets and Test beds for specific benchmarking scenarios to be integrated in the methodological and experimental framework, being 54% of them applicable to wearable robotics, 15% to humanoids and the remaining to both technologies.

On the other hand, the remaining 24% of projects will focus on developing a benchmarking device composed of sensors and/or actuators, and related Software, to be applied indistinctly to different benchmarking scenarios, being a quarter of them limited to wearable robotics and the remaining open to both wearables and humanoids.

To make all these projects possible, EUROBENCH will distribute almost 3 million euros among the 40 institutions participating. But this is not all, in June 2020, the second FSTP Open Call will open to proposals focused on testing real bipedal robotics prototypes, either exoskeletons, prostheses or humanoids, using the EUROBENCH Framework!

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The EUROBENCH project was in the European Robotics Forum 2019 (March 20-22, Romania) where a fruitful meeting could be held to discuss about the different work packages. It was also an opportunity…

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EUROBENCH: not just a project but a whole network of funding opportunities for robotics

ROBOTUNION is about to close its second Open Call

RobotUnion, the pan-European acceleration programme related to the robotics industry, launched its second call with €4 million public funding for startups and SMEs which will closes on April 30th. Through this call, RobotUnion will continue the acceleration journey with other 20 startups that will develop projects in the field of robotics linked to agri-food, healthcare, civil engineering and manufacturing.

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ESMERA Project – next Open Call starting in September 2019

EUROBENCH wants to contribute to the general development of robotic technologies providing tools to speed up the validation process of robotic prototypes. This project, initially focused on bipedal robots, aims to be easily largely applicable to a wide range of technologies.

In this sense, EUROBENCH is collaborating with ESMERA “European SMEs Robotics Applications” Boosting Robotics innovation” an European funded initiative under the European Commission Sector of ‘Robotics Industrial Development and Impact Robotics and Artificial Intelligence’, which aim is to support EU SMEs in materializing, testing and promoting robotic technologies through the stimulation of SMEs to develop and promote new technologies by offering direct financial support through a cascade funding mechanism and mentoring and support in developing business cases and managing the complete chain from “idea to market product”
In this context, EUROBENCH is working closely to ESMERA in order to collaborate spreading both projects and to ensure the future match in order to facilitate the development and access to the market of companies working in the robotics field.

Newsletter: EUROBENCH Begins to be a reality