“The EUROBENCH environment has been an inspiring framework to work in”

Why to participate in the FSTP-2 EUROBENCH open call?

“The great facility, the available software, and the support from the EUROBENCH team will be a great chance for you to increase the knowledge on your device, having feedbacks from its validation to improve/finalize it!”

The STEPbySTEP project has developed a modular and sensorized reconfigurable staircase testbed for lower-limb exoskeletons benchmarking. Being reconfigurable (i.e., the inclination of the staircase can be easily adjusted and, consequently, the height of the steps), it allows to test the target exoskeleton in different operating conditions. W.r.t. measurements, load cells for the handrails, two force platforms embedded in the stairs, and a motion capture system have been integrated in the testbed. These measurements, along with the EMG signals, are used to define and calculate performance metrics to evaluate and benchmark the exoskeleton solutions. In addition, the STEPbySTEP approach integrates measurements from the human factors’ perspective (i.e., trust, cognitive workload and usability) by introducing new standard indexes.

From the STEPbySTEP project point of view, the EUROBENCH environment has been an inspiring framework to work in, making possible to share experience, improve ideas and solutions, exchanging expertise with the other projects and with the EUROBENCH coordinators. In such a way, it has been possible to build a successful testbed, integrating interdisciplinary expertise to provide a unique testbed for LLEs benchmark.

The main reason to have participated in the EUROBENCH FSTP-1 call has been the incredible possibility to work with a huge group of researchers. Such an interdisciplinary environment has inspired the STEPbySTEP project, making possible to reach the project goal. The combination of all the projects outcomes is something unique, creating a great facility for LLEs benchmark. The STEPbySTEP results will be pursued after the project completion, extending the approach to other wearable and collaborative robots. The STEPbySTEP project has generated a huge expertise among all the partners in the field, being highly useful for next developments.