EUROBENCH FSTP-2 Open Call will Open in September the 1st and we will look for third parties which are developing exoskeletons, prostheses, humanoid robots, and other types of overground robots to test their technologies at the EUROBENCH facilities or from their own laboratory using the unified software.

This framework is being built by 17 teams that were selected during a public Open Call in which more than 50 proposals were submitted to the FSTP-1 Open Call. These teams are building the testbeds and developed the software needed to record the performing capacities of the different technologies. EUROBENCH, considering the actual situation, estimates that the benchmarking framework could be ready at the beginning of 2021 to receive the first testers. The facilities are being built one in Spain (Madrid) and the other one in Italy (Geneva)

The third parties participating on the 2nd EUROBENCH Open Call can receive up to € 100k to use the EUROBENCH Facilities and Software to test their robotic technologies, this will serve to validate the facilities and contribute to the uptake of the robotics technologies such as exoskeletons, prostheses, legged robots, and other types of overground robots.

If you are a developer of any of these technologies, you can choose among 3 options to participate.

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The EUROBENCH benchmarking framework validation is closer