Webinar – Occupational Exoskeletons 



The importance of a user-centered approach and the challenge behind exoskeleton implementation – Saskia Baltrusch, TNO Dept. Sustainable Productivity and Employability – SPEXOR Project. (20’)

How to benchmark an industrial exoskeleton? Lessons from TestEd project – Jawad Masood, TestED project – EUROBENCH FSTP-1 (20’)

Piloting and deploying occupational exoskeletons in practice – Boudewijn Wisse, CTO and founder of Laevo Exoskeletons (20′)

Round Table (30’)



Dr. Saskia Baltrusch is working as a research scientist at TNO in the department of Sustainable Productivity and Employability. By conducting research in the field of new technologies in the working environment, such as exoskeletons and cobots, she aims to enhance the health of employees. Her current projects focus on accelerating the adoption of exoskeletons into industry and on human-robot interaction and its effect on job quality. Saskia obtained her PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2020. For 4 years she was working on  the development and evaluation of a passive trunk exoskeleton for low-back pain prevention and vocational re-integration. Her work resulted in multiple publications in international peer-reviewed journals, as well as numerous presentations at national and international conferences. With her expertise in Human Factors, Biomechanics and Ergonomics she supports TNO to boost productivity, health and comfort of employees.


Dr. Jawad Masood is the team leader in applied wearable and human-in-the-loop robotics at Automotive Technology Center of Galicia. His research focused on seeking objective and subjective evidence that exoskeletons and exosuits are beneficial for industrial applications. He is particularly interested in discovering, undesrstanding, and relating patterns in the measurement data to construct high fidelity information.



Dr. Boudewijn Wisse is a dedicated exoskeleton engineer and CTO and founder of Laevo Exoskeletons. Laevo exoskeletons prolongs the productive life of heavy duty workers by providing the Laevo V2 back EXO, that assists postures and lifting, and so improves productivity and cuts absence.