Today, we were at BIOROB 2018 hosting the workshop “EUROBENCH Info Day & Pre-proposal check: Improve your project proposal!” to inform the researchers interested in financial support for the development of testbeds, software routines or datasets are informed and can have a Q&A about their ideas.

The workshop aim is to help participants applying to the first Open Call (FSTP-‐1), to:

  • Improve the quality of their project proposals (Pre-proposal check event)
  • Interact with EUROBENCH Consortium on the goals and modalities of Open Calls.

Participants interested in the pre‐proposal check event had submitted a good first draft of their proposal and they were contacted before the event to assess the degree of completion of their proposals. Short‐listed candidates were invited based on the available places and selected proposers discussed their proposals with a Consortium expert panel, during a private and confidential meeting.

All this process was held to ensure the best quality and approach of the proposals to the objectives of the FSTP Open Call that will allow the development of the first benchmarking framework for bipedal robotics.

Workshop at BIOROB 2018